The National Society
Magna Charta Dames and Barons
 National Society Magna Charta DamesĀ®
Somerset Chapter Magna Charta BaronsĀ®

P.O. Box 4222, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Telephone: 215-836-5022; Fax 215-836-5056

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   If you have not been provided a username and password you may click here to register as a subscriber. You may then email to to request member access. If you are a member, you will you will be provided access for your state of residence so when you click on the member link below you will be able to sign in for that page. 


     State Divisions For Members

    Alabama:     Member  Regent
    Arizona:       Members  Regent
    Arkansas    Member Regent
    Florida        Member Regent
    Georgia      Member Regent
    Illinois         Member Regent
    Indiana       Member Regent
    Kansas      Member Regent
    Kentucky    Member Regent
    Louisiana    Member Regent
    Michigan     Member Regent
    Mississippi Member Regent
    Missouri     Member Regent
    New Mexico Member Regent
    North Carolina Member Regent
    Northern California Member Regent
    Ohio           Member Regent
    Oklahoma  Member Regent
    South Carolina Member Regent
    Southern California (no active Division) Member Regional Contact
    Tennessee Member Regent
    Texas          Member Regent
    Washington Member Regent

    Florida Chapters:
    Jacksonville Chapter:  Member   Regent
    Pensacola Chapter:  Member   Regent
    Suncoast Chapter:  Member   Regent
    Louisiana Chapters
Baton Rouge:  Member   Regent
    Monroe:  Member   Regent
    New Orleans:  Member   Regent
    Shreveport:  Member   Regent

    Tennessee Divisions:
    East Tennessee:  Member   Regent
    Middle Tennessee:  Member   Regent
    Southeast Tennessee:  Member   Regent
    West Tennessee:  Member   Regent

    Texas Colonies
    Austin Colony:  Member   Regent
    Dallas/Ft. Worth Colony:  Member   Regent
    East Texas Colony:  Member   Regent
    El Paso Colony:  Member   Regent
    Houston Colony:  Member   Regent
    Midland Colony:  Member   Regent
    Panhandle Colony:  Member   Regent
    San Antonio Colony:  Member   Regent
    West Texas Colony:  Member   Regent




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